Friday, May 4, 2012

A new Big 12 point of view

TCU’s 2011-12 academic year is coming to a close. Study Days — or "Dead Days" back in my day — are underway and final exams loom in cold, silent classrooms all over campus next week. Graduation will soon march into Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.
Dorms will soon empty out and goodbyes will be said for the summer. Don’t forget to text!

Then thoughts turn to the next year and the new experiences and hopes that 2012-13 will bring. New dorms on the southwest corner of Bellaire Drive and Stadium Drive, improvements in almost every department and, on July 1, TCU realizes its long-awaited membership in the Big 12.

And a new Big 12 point of view.

In fact, lots of new points of view.   Here are some to digest and think about over your summer:

  • TCU is now in a BCS “automatic qualifier” conference – no new news here, but for the first summer in 17 years, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • The Frogs no longer have to be undefeated to get to a BCS game.
  • IF the Frogs were to go undefeated, a shot at the National Championship is a real possibility.
  • Games in the Big 12 will, in most cases, be decided in the last 5 minutes.  (See last year’s Boise State game or Baylor game for preparation)
  • Tickets will be hard to come by.
  • Sellouts at Amon G. Carter Stadium will become the norm.
  • Get ready to deal with fans from Texas Tech, Kansas State, UT, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State in droves at home games – they come early and stay late.  (Remember Wisconsin fans and Boise State fans for preparation).
  • Be ready to defend Amon G. Carter Stadium by getting to your seats early.
  • If you like noise, you will love the new Amon G. Carter.
  • The TCU students’ section, directly behind the visitors’ bench area should provide some great entertainment.
  • Thanksgiving Weekend in Austin changes your plans, doesn’t it?
  • The Cotton Bowl is not what we have in mind – can you believe we’re saying that?
  • Big 12 Basketball in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum will change that environment forever.   Get ready!
  • Big 12 Baseball is among the best in the nation. Jim Schlossnagle’s crew is a perfect fit.
  • Ever been to the Texas Relays in Austin? Start making plans.

The Frogs first foray into the Big 12 is coming. Quickly. Football’s season opener in the new stadium vs. Grambling is four months and 4 days away. We asked for the Big 12 and now it’s upon us. Fly your TCU flag on July 1 to let the Big 12 know we’re here, we’ll show up and we’re ready for it all. And, once again, I say thank the Texas Aggies and CDC.

By the way, here’s a look at what the new Amon G. Carter Stadium looks like from the Kelly Center. Same great place with a stadium that now matches the program.
Kick ‘Em High!