Saturday, November 15, 2014

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

This week, one of my favorite radio stations switched over to all Christmas music all the time, which made me think of all the things I’ll need to do for Christmas. It also made me think of Christmas things like lights and snow globes.

It occurs to me that the Frogs will play in a snow globe today at Kansas. In a likely snow storm that’s to arrive with breakfast on Mount Oread (the hill on which KU is located) with every fan on the college football globe taking copious notes. Shake it up and watch the Frogs go.

The Frogs will need to warm up the running game today. They can try throwing it, but the weatherman is the 12th Man today, so the Air Raid offense may need to go with boots on the ground. The KU defense gave up 699 total offense to Baylor (oops, I had to bring them up, didn’t’ I?)

The key will be to strike early and keep pouring it on as Kansas is coming off of a win over Iowa State. They think they can win – and that may be the most dangerous thing about Kansas.

Offensively, the Jayhawks are improving. New quarterback Michael Cummings (from Killeen) has thrown for 200 or more yards in each of the last four games.
(By the way ,KU has 25 Texans on its roster.) Wide receivers Nick Harwell and Nigel King are dangerous and can put up huge yards.

Kansas would prefer to run the ball and take some time off the clock. Dual threat running back Tony Pierson is the best all-around player for Kansas, and TCU’s linebackers will need know where he is before each snap.

Let it snow. Only 39 shopping days!

Kick ‘Em High!

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